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Rauland Timekeeping Systems

Rauland's complete line of timekeeping solutions ensure your school or facility is always in sync and on-time. Whether wired or wireless, a synchronized clock system throughout your facility, campus or school district means an organized facility and more productive staff and students.All Rauland analog clock systems are designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance while backed by the best warranty (5 years) in the industry. For a quick overview of Rauland clock products, please review our Time Keeping Solutions Brochure. You can also find specific clock information about Rauland clock products in the links below or in the Clock System Design Guide.

Atomic Time Synchronization and Master Clocks

Atomically synchronize all of the clocks in your facility with the TCAMCS (atomic clock synchronization module). Whether the secondary clocks are traditional analog or digital clocks, the TCAMCS can synchronize them with an atomic clock or any IP address running Network Time Protocol. Synchronize all current Rauland intercom systems,master and secondary clocks as well as most secondary clocks from other vendors with the TCAMCS or the 2524 Master Clock.

Analog Secondary Clocks

Rauland provides the single-vendor solution by offering a complete analog clock line, including both wired and wireless clocks.  Analog clocks are available in thirteen and sixteen inch models that can also be mounted in a double-face kit. Clocks with a 24-hour dial are also available and ideally suited for military school applications or anywhere 24 hour time displays are necessary..

Digital Secondary Clocks

Rauland offers a full line of digital clocks, including clock utilizing wired and wireless time correction.  All Rauland digital clocks can be powered by either 120 VAC or 24VAC. This provides installation flexibility that reduces costs and hardware requirements.

Clock System Add Ons

To reduce installation costs and allow clock circuits to be installed without conduit, Rauland provides the U.L. Listed, Class 2, 24VAC 2515 power supply. There are several other clock system add ons available for large or small clock systems. Contact Rauland for more details about buffers, clock switch kits and interface modules.

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