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integration makes responder a Must Have investment

Having a nurse call system that connects your patient care team directly to the patient, that enables caregiver to caregiver exchange of information and that facilitates caregiver to physician dialog, allows you to overcome traditional barriers to communication.  A Responder system provides the means for open dialog to tear down "unseen walls" and build pathways for aligning tactics that will lead to great clinical quality - think high HCAHPS results!

Connect Directly to Other Communication, Planning and Reporting Technologies
Connect to IT systems, phone systems, security systems and others to deliver a well orchestrated, full circle tool for collecting and measuring data that you can access and analyze to better manage unit staffing and patient load balancing. 

Standards Based Communication - Right Sized not One Sized
The need for standard communication protocol has never been greater in the healthcare arena.  Proprietary languages are out and interoperability is in.  We communicate in industry standard languages to make your integration possible.

Implementation Made Easy
Our integration consulting services can make sure that your Responder system is integrated with older systems to reduce redundant steps and increase productivity.  You may have different systems for your different departments, let us integrate these systems to help break down these communication barriers.

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