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Measurable Care

Measured insights and reports from Responder 5® help you optimize the care your patients receive. Responder lets you track key performance indicators related to staffing and patient interactions, and customize the reports you use on a regular basis.

Improving Satisfaction

Responder 5 helps identify specific areas needed to improve HCAHPS scores. Reviewing hourly rounding data, exception and coverage reports can help nursing leadership identify areas needing improvement to enhance overall patient experience.

Decreasing Response Times

Unit activity details help determine if staff members are responding to patient calls in an efficient manner. Using exception reports allows staff to review only those interactions which fall outside facility-set benchmarks for each unit.

Rounding Reduces Requests

Hourly rounding can result in fewer patient requests. Reviewing hourly rounding data can help verify that staff members are following procedures to improve patient security and satisfaction.

Better Staffing Decisions

What is the busiest time of day? The slowest? Is patient load affecting caregiver’s ability to care for their patients? Responder 5 assists with staff planning decisions by indicating trends and their causes on a specific unit.


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