Smart Days—Everyday Communications

Daily Communications and Event Management Made Easy

Smart Days

It can be easy to take your school PA system for granted, but without an integrated system of a school intercom, bells and clocks — the days would not run as smoothly. Students, teachers, staff and parents depend on schedules to make time management easy. This is particularly true of days with altered schedules due to assemblies, testing, delayed starts and other special events.

With Rauland’s Telecenter U®, you can oversee every schedule for every school from anywhere on your network to make managing schedules virtually effortless. Daily communications — from morning announcements and front office to classroom conversations — are simple and easy with Telecenter U. Live paging from phones, consoles, and microphones makes communicating with your school and district simple.

The following are several ways that Telecenter U makes everyday communications and event management easy.

Customize Your Announcements for Any Occasion customize

Communicate easily to select locations or building-wide with live and pre-recorded audio on Telecenter U. Play music, voice recordings and tones from schedules or from the web-based user interface. Morning announcements can be made from dedicated microphones, consoles or phones.

Fully Integrated System Links Schools & Districtsintegration

Multi-school campuses and schedules are easily managed, school by school or centrally, from an intuitive web-based user interface.

Make Scheduling Easyscheduling

School bell schedules and clocks can be synchronized to your network time, in all locations, and managed for holidays, snow days and other school closings. Telecenter U’s web-based UI allows you to automatically adjusts for daylight savings time, early dismissal, assemblies and other alternate schedules.

Simple, Targeted Communicationscommunications

Dedicated call buttons provide teachers targeted assistance, routed directly to the right locations and staff. Telecenter U Kiosks allow a wide range of workflows so classrooms are connected with the right help, right away.

Telecenter U for Everyday and Emergencieslinked

Telecenter U makes everyday easy and provides staff and teachers with a familiar tool for emergency response. When it matters, users are confident and comfortable using Telecenter U.