Protecting Those Who Protect Us

Top-Notch Security for Veterans

Rauland helps defend VA facilities and the Veterans they serve from today’s evolving cybersecurity threats with Responder Enterprise. This highly secure nurse communications system offers the strongest protections to prevent data theft and unauthorized access, while also providing best-in-class communications and reporting tools to improve overall care.


Responder Enterprise was built with security at the forefront of the product development process. In fact, our team works closely with the UL standards committee to develop industry standards.


Nurse Call System of Choice for VA Hospitals


Rauland is proud to be the nurse call system of choice for numerous VA hospitals across the United States. Our products help improve workflows and efficiency so nurses can provide the best possible care for their Veteran patients – without working about compromising their personal healthcare information. 


Security Features


How do we ensure Responder Enterprise delivers the best security possible for Veterans?:


  • Constant Evolution – Threats are constantly changing, so our solution is always evolving. Rauland employs a secure software development process that includes 3rd party vulnerability assessments.
  • Encrypted Data – Responder Enterprise supports encryption of data-at-rest and in-transit using the latest protocols.
  • User Management – User credentials including password policies are managed by your organization. All access to PHI by authenticated and authorized users is logged and available for audit.
  • Centralized Architecture – The centralized architecture reduces the number of attack vectors that could be used by hackers to gain system access.


FIPS Certified for Secure Encryption


Responder Enterprise uses only Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 certified encryption algorithms, which provides you with the peace of mind that your system meets guidelines for secure data encryption and security.


Technical Reference Model (TRM) Accepted


Responder Enterprise is listed on the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Technical Reference Model (TRM), making it an accepted product for use to support VA business operations, capabilities, systems and services. As a TRM approved product, Veterans and VA Hospitals can trust Rauland Enterprise to deliver safe, effective, and timely communication to enhance patient care for optimal patient outcomes.


With Rauland, know that you have a highly secured nurse call system developed to rigorous standards and designed to protect both hospital and patient. Implement Responder Enterprise, the most powerful, secure, scalable and reliable platform available today to facilitate your staff-to-patient and staff-to-staff communications.