Improve Patient Safety

Create and Optimize Your Workflows to Enhance Patient Safety in Hospitals

What is patient safety? As outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO), patient safety in nursing and healthcare refers to the absence of preventable harm and reduction of risk to a patient while in a caregiving medical facility.

Responder® Enterprise solutions can help you easily evolve and expand your best clinical practices to improve both staff and patient safety. Create, support and optimize standardized workflows and use them consistently across the Enterprise system for smoother operations, increased efficiency, and a higher level of staff and patient safety in hospitals.

Solutions for Patient Safety: Review, Modify, Improve and Perform

The Responder Enterprise solution gives you the power to achieve collaboration, control and flexibility in order to provide a higher level of patient safety and care. Responder Enterprise solutions for patient safety help to:

  • Standardize your technology and care models, minimizing time spent bringing up a new system.
  • Centralize change management to allow for modifications to be made quickly and easily.
  • Reduce time spent at shift change with a standardized sign-on process.
  • Create robust staff assignments with wireless device integration.
  • Build dashboards to highlight staff usage of the technology, compare and evaluate workflows, and drive care plan compliance to better align with national patient safety goals.
  • Empower hospitals to share best practices and patient safety indicators (PSIs) across the Enterprise system.

Improving Patient Safety Through Provider Communication Strategy Enhancements

Our Responder Enterprise system solution and services help to align your resources while supporting successful system adoption to increase overall patient safety.

  • Enterprise solution design services extend your Enterprise technology roadmap to include our powerful integration solutions.
  • Map your organizational challenges with your people, processes and technology to achieve consistent and repeatable outcomes.
  • Our deployment and integration services drive technology, workflow and utilization standards across the entire health system.
  • Enterprise optimization services align resources and support the successful adoption and usage of your technology investment.