Enterprise Foundation

Build a Secure, Scalable, Open Foundation

Our technology and services work together, alongside your team, to provide a solid foundation for your IT vision.

  • Decrease costs, increase security, availability, and ease of scalability with centralized servers
  • Optimize your Enterprise solution and accelerate your time to value with clinical and technology services
  • Integrate Enterprise into your existing user management environment to the same level of user management and security

Security, scalability, flexibility, savings

  • Reduce capital and operational expenses
  • Protects patient data with secure, encrypted system
  • Ensures authenticated access role-based security
  • Increase system availability with reduced single points of failure
  • Easily add and remove facilities
  • Display dashboards with the health of your nurse call ecosystem

IT Dashboards provide insightful information and metrics regarding ePHI audit trails, third-party integrations with the Enterprise system, staff engagement, and nurse call hardware composition, and its health.

Enterprise services close the gap between strategy and execution

  • Our Enterprise solution design services help you establish and execute on your Enterprise technology roadmap
  • We work with your teams to architect your secure and highly-available solution at scale while allowing you to manage clinical workflow at the hospital and service line level
  • Accelerate your ROI
  • Our Enterprise optimization services help your organization manage and maximize your Enterprise solution through training and support

Keep everyone connected, everywhere, always

Build a foundation that can seamlessly evolve with your organization. Responder Enterprise’s open architecture facilitates future expansions and integrations, allowing you to incorporate next-generation care technologies while keeping everyone connected.

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