Location Technology for Clinical Teams

Rauland EveryWear

Location Technology That Empowers Clinical Teams

Rauland EveryWear™ is a real-time wearable location system that works with other technologies, including Responder Enterprise and Responder Enterprise Converge, to empower clinical teams, apply best practices across multiple facilities, and improve quality of care and overall productivity.

Rauland EveryWear:

  • Features location tags, badges, wearables and sensors using Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless technology
  • Provides bed-level accuracy to assure time spent with your patient is recorded accurately
  • Gives teams highly specific information, including locations of all clinicians at any given time, to monitor response time and efficiency
  • Grants greater visibility into performance and staffing to help improve workflows and efficiency for optimal operations and staffing

Optimize Overall Performance for Exceptional Care

Rauland EveryWear integrates with Responder nurse call systems to simplify workflows and automatically document time spent with patients. The EveryWear solution allows teams to identify highly specific information, including which nurse is in any given room at any time. Automatically inputting this information in customer dashboards offers a bird’s eye view of performance and staffing and can help hospitals and health systems of all sizes improve capabilities and performance.

Find Staff, Patients and Assets Quickly

The Rauland EveryWear real-time location system includes sensors, gateways, asset tags, patient wearables, and staff badges with duress button, as well as a robust software application with reporting and workflow capacity .
  • Staff/clinicians – Know the location of clinicians at any given time and monitor patient response times and the duration of visits.
  • Patients – Easily track all patient locations for a higher level of care and improved workflow efficiencies.
  • Equipment and items – Quickly locate vital assets such as ventilators or PPE to save time when seconds count. Help minimize over purchasing of portable equipment and reduce asset shrinkage.

Contact Tracing, At-a-Glace

The EveryWear solution enables hospitals to easily identify staff or patients who may have been exposed to an illness such as COVID-19.

Easy Installation, Long-Term Warranty

Rauland EveryWear installs in days, not weeks, and is supported by a 5-year warranty. Leverage your existing Power over Ethernet or wireless network with EveryWear to enhance clinical care and performance outcomes.