New Telecenter U Kiosk Provides Advanced In-Room Audio Control and Emergency Response Technology

Rauland, a leader in the design and delivery of communications, workflow and safety solutions for education and healthcare, is releasing a first-of-its-kind hardware device for the classroom.  An addition to its Telecenter U® Solution, the Telecenter U Kiosk brings wall-mounted touch screens to classrooms and offices that give teachers and staff unprecedented management of workflows, and emergency response tools through an app-like user interface that provides audio and visual communications.

Telecenter U Kiosk features an easy-to-use, permanent touch screen device to give teachers control over what happens in their rooms and advancing and improving the way teachers and staff interact and communicate in a school” said George Lind, Vice President of Education Sales and Marketing in North America for Rauland. “The Telecenter U advances the way teachers can communicate and receive information about emergencies.

Audio Control
Telecenter U Kiosk uses “widgets” for various tasks, including control of audio settings, and playing music in the classroom. Classrooms hosting tests can temporarily mute and control audio to silence bell schedules and other communications to provide a quiet and distraction free environment for students. Non-classroom offices also have audio controls to turn off bell schedules, music, or paging announcements.  The Telecenter U Kiosk provides two-way audio between Rauland Consoles and staff phones for fast and easy communication and allows for pin-protected access when required.

Workflow Management
Teachers and staff will be able to request assistance directly to IT, custodians, school nurses or other personnel, kicking off workflows that previously would have gone through the front office. The Telecenter U Kiosk will control a Rauland status light outside of the classroom or office, which can indicate cleaning is needed or do not disturb.

Emergency Response
Most importantly, Telecenter U Kiosk is equipped to help teachers and staff manage emergency scenarios. With special PIN codes, authorized staff can initiate emergency procedures from any kiosk in the building. From there, kiosks will display emergency screens with location-based instructions, a timer showing how long the scenario has been active, buttons to check in and notify staff that the classroom is secure or call for immediate help.

“Telecenter U already gives administrators powerful tools to manage daily operations and emergency scenarios. With the Telecenter U Kiosk, teachers and staff will have visual instructions so that everyone knows how to respond based on the type of emergency in progress, said Lind. “The kiosk provides visual prompts, so users know exactly how to respond and how to ask for help.

Telecenter U® is a market leading network-based school communications system that provides a seamless solution for every school and every classroom in a school district – including IP addressable speakers, POE message boards, a web-based user interface and a mobile application.

About Rauland
Rauland is a respected leader in the design and delivery of critical and advanced communications, workflow and life-safety solutions for education and healthcare worldwide. A pioneer and an innovator, Rauland has been setting new standards for integrated communications technology and service for more than 80 years. More information on Rauland solutions are available at