Culture and Values

    Great People

    A global company, Rauland is still small enough to recognize the contributions of each employee. In high-tech, high-turnover markets like ours, Rauland team members average 10, 20 or more years with the company. We routinely hire and retain smart, creative, dedicated people and keep them long-term. Our team members are consistently involved in interesting, challenging projects from day one, and their efforts are highly visible.

    Great Accomplishments

    Customers depend upon Rauland for reliable, quality solutions and products, and our consistent ability to anticipate their future needs. Behind that industry leadership is our team members’ ongoing desire and commitment to deliver that customer satisfaction. Markets can change rapidly, and Rauland re-invests significant resources in new development initiatives to stay ahead of that curve. In doing so, we nurture an environment that encourages and values initiative, independence, and teamwork.

    Great Products

    Sharing ideas, collaborating within and across departments, and a willingness to venture outside our comfort zones help us to ensure that our products are leading edge, easy to install and use, and defect-free. Our emphasis on this innovative approach is integral to everything we do, and it flows to the organization from the top down – it’s in the way we engineer and manufacture, and in the unprecedented level of service and support we deliver to our customers.


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