Rauland School Alert Systems

Smart Response

A Proactive School Emergency Notification System

One of the most important functions of Telecenter U® is that it provides schools with a proactive approach to crisis scenarios. Rauland school alert systems have a wide variety of functionalities to cover nearly any situation.

Lockout, Lockdown, Evacuation

District-wide notifications are initiated from a single web-based interface targeting the district, campus or school.

Critical Notifications for Any Emergency

With our emergency notification system for schools, administrators can create customized responses that can be immediately relayed via phone, browser or panic button depending on the nature of the scenario.

Track Responses Across the School or District

Emergency check-in notifications can be monitored for classrooms not locked down; calls continue annunciating until they are answered.

Pre-record Messages to Deliver Custom Instructions

Our school emergency notification system allows you to launch custom instructions, emergency tones or emails with a single touch, each of which can be tailored for specific scenarios.


See TCU at work and continue learning about Rauland's school alert systems to find the right solution for your building, campus or district.