School Public Address & Notification Systems

    Whether there's an emergency or other important information you need to relay, it's crucial to notify students, teachers and staff as quickly and efficiently as possible. The school notification solutions available in Rauland's Telecenter U® system are comprehensive and can be fully integrated into every aspect of your operation.From a school emergency Mobile App to campus-wide school public address systems, you can help keep everyone safe and informed.

    Emergency Notifications through School Mobile App

    On-site administrators can initiate emergency notifications via the Telecenter U Emergency Mobile App. The Telecenter U Emergency Mobile App is a single school focused mobile app that allows users to start an emergency from any location on campus from their smartphone. Simply sliding an emergency text box starts the emergency. This gives administrators another simple, quick way to start an emergency. From the Mobile App, you can view classroom check-in status and emergency duration.

    Everyday Live School Public Address System

    There are times when live announcements need to be broadcasted across the school or district. The Telecenter U system provides live districtwide, schoolwide, zone paging and public address from multiple devices:

    • Administrative Consoles
    • Desktop Microphones
    • SIP Phones
    • The Web User Interface

    School morning announcements can be prerecorded and programmed as a button on the Administrative Console, or can be announced live. Everyday school announcements can be delivered live or prerecorded any time throughout the day, ensuring that the information will travel fast and effectively.

    Automated School Email Notification

    For many faculty members, email is the most commonly used means of communication, so receiving constant school email notifications is crucial to keeping everyone in the loop. With Telecenter U, automated email notifications can be sent as part of a bell schedule or any emergency process. Combining this with other forms of messaging verifies that the information will be received by all who need to be in-the-know.

    Effective School Visual Message Display Options

    Telecenter U offers different school visual message display options for sending notifications, including:

    • Telecenter U Message Boards — Scroll text across the Message Boards with any information that needs to be conveyed to students and staff. In emergency situations, schools can scroll emergency instructions on Message Boards.
    • Classroom Status Lights — Let hall occupants know that a room is in testing, their emergency status, and much more. The emergency check-in status can be displayed on the Status Light, which will help first responders know which classrooms are in duress.
    • Telecenter U Mapping — Visually see an interactive school floorplan that can show where audio is present, when a school is in an emergency state, and observe which classrooms that aren't checked-in so first responders know exactly where to go.

    As part of the overall school public address and paging system, these visual notifications are another way to spread vital information.

    School Notification Solutions for Your Students and Staff

    Rauland's Telecenter U school notification systems offer solutions that work for every member of your student body, teaching faculty and support staff. Contact us today to see what we can do to improve your building's operations and help your people stay secure and informed.

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    Rauland connects every touchpoint from the district to the campus to the classroom. Use these resources to learn more.

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    Rauland connects every touchpoint from the district to the campus to the classroom. Use these resources to learn more.


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