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Rauland Responder Enterprise Supports Robust Healthcare IT Analytics to Improve Clinical Workflow .

Unleash the power of collaboration to achieve control, flexibility—and a higher level of care.

Healthcare IT Growth, Consolidation, Security and Reimbursement.

Responder® Enterprise’s scalable architecture addresses these critical issues by providing an healthcare IT foundation that supports and improves the way healthcare is delivered and managed across departments, buildings, and operational units.

This framework provides support for Clinical staffing, evidence-based protocols, and quality of care—for higher patient safety, improved staff satisfaction, and a sharper focus on timely, efficient responses to patient needs.

Responder Enterprise drives clinical transformation through a three-stage solution that builds according to your healthcare IT needs:

1. Enterprise Foundation: Security, scalability, flexibility, savings

Responder Enterprise’s new architecture gives you the flexibility to grow and respond to change while reducing your server footprint. You benefit from an open structure that doesn’t sacrifice security or availability.

2. Clinical Workflow Standardization: Review, modify, improve, perform

Build on your IT foundation with tools that help you easily evolve and expand best clinical practices. Achieve consistent, repeatable outcomes with Responder Enterprise’s standardized technology, powerful integrations, and value-added services. Easily apply clinical best practices across your organization.

3. Clinical Outcomes Improvement: Healthcare analytics to help identify, measure, optimize for continuous improvement

Our Clinical experts employ Lean methodology to help you identify wasted time and effort, and develop and test new standards, as well as utilizing healthcare analytics to measuring how they increase effectiveness and efficiencies in moving toward your outcome initiatives.

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