Take Your Healthcare Data to the Next Level: Summary

Posted by Responder Blog on Thu, Aug 08, 2019 @ 09:48 AM

In our most recent blog session, we took at a look at 6 ways you can take your healthcare data to the next level. If you missed any of the sessions, be sure to visit our blog page for a full review or to download the guide.

The implementation of value-based care is encouraging healthcare organizations to strive for efficiency, cost control and sustainability to obtain optimal reimbursement levels. One proven strategy to achieve these goals is through mergers and acquisitions, which are increasing rapidly. In fact, the industry reported 115 transactions in 2017, the largest total in recent history, followed by 90 in 2018.

To help healthcare organizations standardize workflow and optimize outcomes amidst consolidation, a new generation of technology, such as the Enterprise platform, has emerged that provides a solid IT foundation across all campuses and departments, while supporting clinical staff, protocols and quality of care. These solutions connect patients, caregivers and facilities through smart data collection and superior data analysis allowing the information to be translated into actionable insight throughout an organization.

Building a strong IT foundation that enables cross-functionality – bridging IT and clinical teams – starts with understanding where there is opportunity for improvement. Below are six tips for optimizing your technology to take your healthcare data to the next level: 

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