Selecting the Right Nurse Call System- Step 2: Set Realistic Nurse Call Implementation Goals and Identify Objectives

Posted by Responder Blog on Wed, May 30, 2018 @ 10:04 AM

The second step to selecting a nurse call system for your hospital or health system is to outline all attainable goals and objectives. Nurses are in a unique position to identify and implement innovative and evidence-based practices. An advanced nurse call system will help your nurses demonstrate ongoing quality improvement. It will also support patient and staff satisfaction by boosting responsiveness with streamlined communication and workflows.

Identify specific areas of practice to improve or build out and understand how new technology can help achieve your measurable and realistic goals. Be sure to map out a clear strategy for tracking key performance indicators over time to monitor return on investment.

Some examples of measurable nurse call goals include:

If you have not met your goals after collecting data on key performance indicators, you can analyze the information and adjust your quality improvement strategy to generate more significant results. The real-time data generated from advanced nurse call systems enable nimble changes and adjustments. This, in turn, will allow stakeholders to fully utilize the data
when making quick decisions or planning future projects.

Tip: When setting goals, understand the availability of data from new nurse call system and its possible integration to other Business Intelligence (BI) systems.

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