6 Ways to Take Your Healthcare Data to the Next Level: 4 Increase Accessibility

Posted by Responder Blog on Thu, Jul 18, 2019 @ 09:31 AM

Technology has become a critical component of modern healthcare, playing a crucial role in clinical, administrative and operational teams throughout an organization. When IT systems go down or are inaccessible, the consequences can be significant – costing hospitals and health systems valuable time, money and productivity.

Healthcare facilities face an average cost of $740,357 per downtime incident, or $8,851 per minute, depending on the length of the outage and complexity of the system. v More importantly, patient safety and the delivery of patient care are jeopardized when IT solutions fail or deny access to providers seeking information. When clinical teams cannot review the most up-to-date patient information needed to make sound decisions regarding care, clinical workflow and productivity are severely impacted, resulting in lower patient satisfaction as the quality of care and responsiveness of providers diminishes.

Therefore, it is important to make sure a hospital or health system has a strong IT foundation in place that not only provides optimal data security but also offers high accessibility to reduce interruptions to patient care and minimize costly downtime. By reducing single points of failure, the right system will increase availability to the appropriate teams across multiple locations and departments, ensuring easy access to information and communications.

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