Measure & Improve Clinical Outcomes

Clinical Outcomes Solutions to Measure & Improve Healthcare Performance

What Are Clinical Outcomes?

Clinical outcomes are measurable changes in health or quality of life that result from the care a healthcare organization provides on a daily basis. Identifying and measuring these agreed-upon clinical outcomes establishes standards against which to continuously improve all aspects of a clinical practice or hospital. Common clinical outcomes that healthcare organizations and hospitals seek to measure and improve upon include the following:

  • Mortality rate
  • Safety of care
  • Readmissions
  • Patient experience and satisfaction
  • Timeliness of care
  • Hourly rounding

Why Should Clinical Performance Be Focused On Outcomes?

The measuring, reporting and improvement of clinical outcomes help healthcare organizations:

  • Improve patient safety.
  • Exceed patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.
  • Boost the health and care of the community.
  • Make data-informed decisions for service improvements.
  • Reduce the per capita cost of healthcare.
  • Prevent clinician and staff burnout.
  • And much more.

Improve Healthcare With Rauland's Clinical Outcomes Solutions

Our clinical experts employ Lean methodologies to help you identify opportunities for optimizing clinical outcomes. Our clinical outcomes solution, the Responder® Enterprise, identifies wasted time and effort, helps develop and test new standards, and measures how these new standards increase effectiveness and efficiencies in moving toward your clinical outcomes and initiatives. The following are just a few of the ways Rauland's Responder Enterprise can help improve your facility's clinical outcomes.

  • Management dashboards provide proactive trending and analysis, addressing issues before they escalate.
  • Financial impact dashboards help hospitals identify new clinical initiatives.
  • Quality dashboards support Lean practices, improving overall patient outcomes.
  • Widely adopted open API for integration of staff location information from industry leading location systems including Rauland EveryWear™, our Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless technology location solution.
  • Standardized patient outcome documentation processes help ensure compliance and reduce risk with Enterprise EMR documentation.

Quality Dashboards showcase the teams hard work reducing the number of readmissions, patient falls, and CAUTI and CLABSI events. Financial Impact Dashboards provide information to help ensure reimbursements are not impacted by protocols not being followed, patient readmissions and OR turnover inefficiencies.

Develop Best Practices with Our Clinical Outcomes Solutions and Services

With deployment and integration services, Rauland can help advance your goals for delivering healthcare solutions of the future through innovative clinical system integrations that transform care delivery. Our Enterprise optimization services focus on continuous improvement that leverages technology to help meet identified clinical outcomes and improve quality of care, reduce waste and create flow.

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