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Scalable and Secure

Responder Enterprise offers a secure, scalable choice for your IT systems and infrastructure needs. The platform’s new architecture delivers the flexibility to grow and respond to change while reducing your server footprint. You benefit from an open structure that doesn’t sacrifice security or availability.

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Patient Safety

Guaranteeing the safety of your patients is your top concern. Responder intelligent nurse call solutions for workflow, reminders and communications can help you achieve that goal.

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Solutions for Smaller Hospitals

Responder offers best-in-class nurse call with features and price points customized to suit your smaller hospital’s needs. Improve your financial performance with streamlined workflows and communication that boost efficiencies and care delivery.

Responder Enterprise is adaptable to your smaller hospital's unique needs and budgets. Our 25 bed bundle offers top-level features at lower costs and the flexibility and scalability to change with your facility.

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Streamline Workflow

Increase the effectiveness of patient care through straight-forward connections and customized nurse call integrations. Responder’s simple, effective processes help you respond quickly and effectively to critical needs and routine requests

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Clinical Outcomes Optimization

Responder is opening a new window into processes that impact performance, hospital-wide initiatives, and activating best practices across the organization. Responder can help to help maximize time with patients and get more out of your staff.

Identify what’s working, which processes need improvement, and how best to achieve those goals through tailored data views.

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Patient and Staff Satisfaction

Improve your patients’ experience by delivering attentive, responsive care. Responder solutions give your patients a voice and help reduce nurse burnout and the interruptions that take you away from delivering best possible patient care.

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Proven Effectiveness

Help prevent missed nursing care by leveraging the clinical communications technology that can maintain your competitive edge in a hospital value-based purchasing era.  

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Responder connects every touchpoint of care throughout your facility. Use these resources to learn more.

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