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Responder® 5000
Acute Care Solutions

    Increase pride in their work

    Boosted efficiencies lead to stronger morale and reduced team turnover.

    Improve nurse productivity

    Nurses remain productive while still receiving timely communication.

    Deliver simple training and implementation

    Installation and on-boarding is easy with this reliable, low maintenance system.

    Facilitate first-rate care

    Effective, timely care for patients means their dynamic needs are met.

    Unleash your staff's potential

    Reporting software provides management staff with the ability to highlight staff efficiency, identify areas where additional improvement is needed, and pinpoint useful data that can be used in staff training.
    Solutions for Acute Care

    Responder 5000 Solution for Acute Care

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    Robust, Uncomplicated Solution for Communication Needs

    Responder® 5000 Software

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