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Saifee Hospital, Tanzania

Saifee Hospital, located in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is a full-service hospital offering multiple surgical specialities, diagnostic testing services, dialysis treatment, as well as specialized departments focused on Critical and Cardiac Care, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and Paediatric Intensive Care. Saifee Hospital’s vision is to be Tanzania’s pioneer in the innovation and provisioning of healthcare services for the region. To help achieve this vision, Saifee has selected Responder 5 as their critical life safety communication system and workflow solution.

Saifee has installed Responder 5 throughout the patient treatment and recovery areas. The use of audio in patient rooms, including the lavatory, allows patients to speak directly to clinicians via the clinician’s mobile phone regarding requests for assistance, improving response times and reducing the need for multiple visits to the patient’s room. Communication is further enhanced with the use of Responder 5 staff assignment software so each patient can be assigned specific caregivers based on the patient’s treatment plan.

UC Wireless, headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, is Rauland’s authorized distributor for southern Africa. UC Wireless installed and commissioned the system at Saifee and provided training to the hospital staff to optimize the use of Responder 5. In addition to its core functionality, Saifee is also using Responder 5 Reports Manager software to benchmark various metrics within the hospital to determine areas where future improvements can be realized using advanced technology provided by UC Wireless and Rauland.


Inpatient Rehabilitation Health System, United States

The supply chain challenges bought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted a problem that hospitals and hospital systems deal with constantly – how to keep their vital life-safety systems operating. Not only do the products themselves have to be high quality, but the product vendors must be reliable and available to support their products.

This scenario was experienced recently by a U.S. healthcare system that provides inpatient rehabilitation across the nation in over 120 facilities. Their nurse call system, a vital life-safety system, was aging and they needed a new system that offered the latest enterprise-grade technology from a vendor who was reliable and innovative. This health system chose Rauland as their nurse call partner and Responder Enterprise® as their new nurse call solution.

With Rauland, they had the assurance of knowing that their partner was the market leader that had been delivering innovative solutions like Responder Enterprise for over four decades. They knew the product was Made in America and supported by a network of value-added resellers who delivered service and support worthy of the Rauland products they’ve carried.


Providence Health & Services, Washington

Providence Health & Services, a large healthcare provider covering five western states including Washington, began a process to select a new nurse call system for their hospital in 2020. As with most hospital and health systems, Providence employed a thorough process that weighed many factors including the product feature set, performance, quality, and roadmap. When it came to the selection, they chose Rauland Responder Enterprise to standardize across their health system.

As part of their selection process, the vendor reputation was as important to Providence as the nurse call system itself. They wanted to ensure their investment would be protected long after the sale and felt that a vendor that listened to their needs, was innovative, supportive, and delivered solutions in a timely manner was needed. They wanted more than just a product vendor, they wanted a long-term partnership. Rauland and local Rauland distributor, Electrocom, quickly validated their choice with professionalism, diligence and responsiveness. Since the initial project kickoff, the partnership has delivered significant clinical value. In addition, it’s also resulted in multiple firsts, including a multi-hospital deployment and cloud-based deployment.

Rauland and Electrocom are proud to be partners with Providence and are honored to be selected for their Vendor Showcase 2022 and look forward to building on this already fruitful partnership in the years to come as Responder Enterprise is deployed across their health system.


Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), established in 1844, is the oldest and largest hospital under the National Healthcare Group (NHG) in Singapore. It owns 45 clinical and allied health departments, 16 specialist centres, employs more than 8,000 healthcare staff with 1,600 beds.  Located within the same campus of TTSH, is the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID), a 330-bed facility, and the Integrated Care Hub (ICH), 600-bed facility scheduled to open in 2022.

The NCID is used to enhance infectious disease outbreak management.  The Responder Nurse Call System is located through the facility with audio capability to reduce close contact between infected patients and caregivers.  The Dover Park Hospice, also in the new ICH, will include the Responder Nurse Call system integrated with mobile phones to provide faster response times, streamlined workflows, greater staff efficiency, and improved patient satisfaction.

ISPL, the local Rauland distributor has progressively upgraded the facilities since 2012 and continues support with the new expansions.  ISPL has been able to meet the diverse needs of these hospitals by installing the latest nurse call technology provided by Rauland.


Harlem Hospital, New York City

Hospitals use a wide variety of medical devices to aid in the care of patients. Often devices that perform valuable functions become outdated and are replaced by newer versions which have slightly different operation. The new and old devices are often used simultaneously, and the variability in operation of these devices makes the job of a clinician more difficult and increases the chance for errors.

This common scenario presented itself at Harlem neighborhood hospital in New York City, a user of Responder 5 nurse call system. In this case, a seemingly unrelated software component, replaced by a new version, changed how ventilator alarms, sent to the nurse call system, were prioritized.Fortunately, this difference was discovered in the hospital’s test environment, and with the help of Ronco, the local Rauland dealer, was corrected before being introduced to direct care clinicians.

By using Rauland’s All Touch for Medical Devices and re-prioritizing the ventilator alarms from the new system to match those of the old, Ronco delivered a solution that supported the hospital’s evolving technology without disrupting the established clinical workflows.

Beilinson Hospital, Petah Tikva, Israel

Beilinson Hospital, located in Petah Tikva, Israel, is part of Israel’s premier Rabin Medical Center.  Beilinson quickly needed to expand treatment areas for patients diagnosed with COVID-19.  Clinicians required a nurse call system that was easy to operate with minimal training to begin immediately treating patients.  Responder 5000 was installed in the facility, including an underground parking area which has been converted into a treatment area specifically for COVID-19 patients.  The underground area provides 250 beds, isolating COVID-19 patients from the main hospital wards.  Responder 5000 2-jack medical input stations at each bed connect ventilators and other life supporting apparatus to the nurse call system so clinicians can be immediately notified of equipment alarms.  Afcon Control & Automation Ltd, Rauland’s authorized distributor in Israel, completed the installation and commissioning of Responder 5000 for all 250 beds in just 4 days.

The facility also utilizes Responder 5000 single patient stations, corridor lights, pullcord stations, consoles, and annunciators to provide the highest level of care for all its patients.  The fast installation of Responder 5000 and its easy-to-use interface were a key factor in selecting the Responder 5000 for this critical application.  

Ahuzat Rishonim Life Care Community, Rishon Lezion, Israel

The Ahuzat Rishonim Life Care Community, located in Rishon Lezion, Israel, is one of the largest and most spacious residential care centers in Israel. The facility provides its residents with 24-hour healthcare access as well as organized activities in common rooms and open areas throughout the campus. The large facility, with approximately 400 apartments, is equipped with the Responder 5000 nurse call system so residents and staff are always within reach of a call station to summon help if needed.

Afcon Control & Automation Ltd, Rauland’s authorized distributor in Israel, installed the system to include a resident check-in function in each apartment. Residents simply press a pushbutton on the Responder 5000 station before a staff-configurable time each day to indicate they are well. An alarm is activated on Responder 5000 if a resident fails to check in before the designated time, thus alerting staff that the resident may require assistance. All call data is collected to help staff keep family members up to date on the status of their loved ones. Residents can be assured that Responder 5000 is ready and available whenever they need to call for assistance.  

Large Health System in Texas

In an effort to improve the patient experience, the largest health system in Texas wanted to optimize nursing care protocols by including the location of the care team, the patient, and the assets used during each episode of care. The local Rauland dealer, Lone Star, had a perfect solution; Rauland EveryWear RTLS and the Responder 5 nurse call system.

The powerful combination of these two products and expert knowledge of Lone Star allowed the health system to realize their vision. Now, tasks such as documenting response times for patient requests are automated, time searching for tracked assets is eliminated, and the throughput of patients in OR/ED services lines is improved. The overall patient experience is enhanced with a quiet and efficient healing environment with minimal impact to direct care staff members.

Speaking on benefits of the solution, a healthcare executive from the health system noted: “we have been able to create an environment for our clinical team to interact within that most have never experienced. The adoption of the workflows by our nursing staff due to the Responder 5 and Rauland EveryWear functionality has been incredibly well received and continue to receive positive feedback”.

Hospital in New South Wales, Australia

Construction is currently in progress on a new hospital in New South Wales, Australia. With a planned opening in early 2022, this new 339-bed acute care hospital will offer a full range of services including emergency care, surgical services, critical care, maternity and pediatric care, cardiac services, mental health, rehabilitation, and outpatient clinics. When deciding how to best manage the flow of patients and clinicians through these hospital areas, the hospital selected the Responder 5 nurse call communication system based on its outstanding workflow and integration capabilities.

Our authorized distributor, Rauland Australia, will install and service Responder 5 at this new state-of-the-art facility. Just one of the many features, the site will use enhanced patient stations along with audio pullcord stations in bathrooms to provide exceptional audio clarity so clinicians can communicate directly with patients to understand their needs before entering the patient room. Responder 5's advanced features will help the hospital meet it's goal of providing best-in-class healthcare to the local community.

Hospital Nove De Julho - São Paulo, Brazil

Surgical departments in acute care hospitals require complex coordination between clinicians and departments while planning patient movement throughout various stages to ensure success of scheduled procedures. Efficiency is required, which is why Hospital Nove De Julho in São Paulo, Brazil, part of Rede Ímpar and one of Brazil’s leading hospitals, recently installed Responder 5 in all 22 of its operating rooms to increase operational performance and room turnover.

Multitone Electronica LTDA., Rauland’s authorized retailer in Brazil, worked with the hospital to configure Staff Terminals to optimize workflows and staff communication throughout the entire surgical department. Measurable improvements were seen with on-time initiation and reduced response times between departments. Integration with the hospital’s HIS system simplified the exchange of data across departments. Future system expansion will include the Emergency Department where similar improvements are expected in this similarly complex area with its high patient throughput and staff workflows.

Hospital de Campanha Lagoa-Barra

Brazil is preparing for a surge in COVID-19 patients and expanding their inpatient capacity to care for these critically ill patients. Hospital de Campanha Lagoa-Barra in Rio de Janeiro completed construction of a 210 bed facility in 19 days fully equipped with monitors, ventilators and the Responder 5000 communication system.

The general contractor, Rede D’Or (Brazilian private healthcare group) reached out to Rauland’s authorized reseller, Multitone Electronica Ltda, to complete this critical project. Multitone procured and installed the Responder 5000 solution in 72 hours, creating all the supportive structures needed to place the equipment in an area with very little solid construction. Rio has a population of over 6 million people and this facility will play a vital role in serving the residents in during the pandemic.

Florida Convention Center

Rauland and a general contractor partnered to build a 450-bed field hospital in a portion of a large convention center in Florida over two weeks in April to help accommodate the expected peak of COVID-19 cases. Construction began in earnest on the $22.5 million dollar project during the second week of April and was wrapped by April 21st.

Rauland’s local authorized reseller, Rauland Florida, designed, installed, and configured the Responder 5 Nurse Call System within the project’s tight schedule. Some of the configuration details included Responder 5 patient stations on prefabricated head walls, corridor lights, and call cords in modules of 30 beds per nursing station with consoles.

SUNY Old Westbury Campus

Rauland authorized reseller, Ronco, Inc., was approached to provide a nurse call solution for a 575-bed field hospital at the SUNY campus in Old Westbury, NY. Confronted with multiple problems, including a tight turnaround schedule, the field hospital needed more than just a call button, it had to link caregivers and patients and provide code blue alerts.

Ronco chose Rauland Responder 5000 for the field hospital and was able to deliver just five days after receiving the order. Fully voice-enabled, Responder 5000 allows clinicians to communicate directly with patients from a safe distance. After a short two week installation, the suburban Long Island field hospital was completed on April 29, 2020 in time to accommodate the overflow of patients during the coronavirus pandemic.

Wisconsin Life Care Community

A Wisconsin-based life care community campus offering assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation services for seniors, sought to upgrade its nurse call system to a new, modern critical communications systems for it's residents. Local Rauland reseller, Northern Musicast, Inc., chose Rauland Responder for its ability to drive better productivity and enable faster response times and satisfaction in the delivery of care.

The new advanced Rauland system is providing numerous benefits to the facility. New workflows that incorporate unique combinations of corridor lights and audio tones help the care team quickly identify between emergency and routine requests. These simple steps make a huge impact when keeping a home-like, safe and quiet environment is a top priority.