Partner Validation

    Background on program

    Product solutions from Rauland are not only integrated, but our teams work together to ensure delivery of a unified solution that brings customers enhanced functionality not available from any single company alone.

    We pride ourselves on an open architecture that allows our customers more choices, flexibility, and better results.

    Our validation program is standardized based upon a process used in more than 40 partner integration successes already in place. We facilitate our process with a self-guided program that allows each potential partner to initiate their own integration, evaluate the available interfaces, and determine whether these meet their needs.

    Integration Opportunities

    A number of different interface options are available from Rauland, each directed and addressing  validations for different types of integrations.  

    If you are a locator vendor, you can send button presses from your badge to be routed through the nurse call system.  Staff is wearing a ‘virtual’ nurse call button wherever they need help.

    If you are a locator vendor, you can send location changes for staff to the nurse call system to automatically cancel patient events and indicate staff presence.

    If you are a bed vendor, you can display bed status information and send bed alerts to your nurse call status board and corridor lights.

    If you are an EMR vendor, you can send patient status values to light corridor lights and save your staff extra steps, keeping systems in sync automatically.

    If you are an EMR vendor, you can accept nurse call events, like rounding, directly into your patient flowsheet.

    If you are an EMR vendor, you can send staff assignments from this system to the nurse call system. 

    If you are an EVS Systems vendor, nurses can initiate events in your system directly from the Responder 5 hardware in the patient room.  You can also light corridor lights to indicate which rooms need cleaning or are in process.

    If you are an Interactive TV vendor, patient request can be communicated directly to caregivers from the TV.

    If you are a medical device vendor, you can send alarm notifications for secondary annunciation to the corridor light or caregiver’s mobile device.

    If you are a mobile alarm notification vendor, you can receive events from the nurse call system to your SIP compliant application.

    If you are a vendor that requires clinical staff assignments, the nurse call system can publish these updates to your solution.

    If you are a vendor that has clinical staff assignments, the nurse call system can receive these updates from your solution.

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