Converge Handles Multiple Functions to Manage Patient Care, Improve Team Communications and Optimize Clinician Activities

Responder Enterprise ConvergeRauland is launching Responder Enterprise Converge, a next generation control center designed to bring the digital transformation into the patient room. With an interface inspired by today’s mobile app experience, Converge pulls multiple functions into one system to manage patient care, improve team communications and optimize clinician activities across the entire floor, facility or network.

Converge complements the Rauland Responder® Enterprise, an enterprise-grade intelligent nurse call solution that can be used to optimize workflows and capture a unique set of data, offering insights that directly correlate to improved patient outcomes and staff satisfaction.

Designed to evolve with technology, Converge streamlines information and helps clinicians connect while providing better, more efficient and improved patient care. Converge offers comprehensive visibility with the ability to see status and next steps for all patients across the unit from any patient room.

“With Converge, clinicians can stay connected with providers and teams, initiate patient processes and see an entire unit’s activity instantly for more efficient patient care,” said Paul Duda, market manager – product development with Rauland, a leader in the design and delivery of critical communications and life-safety solutions for healthcare facilities. “With a bold, bright and energetic touchscreen, Converge is approachable and easy for users, ensuring that they will continue to engage with the system as functionality grows over time.”

Converge provides an individualized experience for all staff entering the patient room with up-to-the minute patient and team data specifically for the user. The customized display for the user can be originated by the clinician’s badge, showing only the information that is relevant to that individual, to provide enhanced engagement and optimized workflow.

Built for Easy Integration

Converge is designed to easily integrate with the Responder Enterprise Clinical Mobile App and the Rauland EveryWear™ real-time location system to keep all clinicians connected, everywhere. Integration with a real-time location system provides instant sight lines into locations of staff and additional customized information for clinicians.

“Converge complements the secure, scalable highly available Responder Enterprise, integrating with other functions from the mobile app to real-time location systems and beyond, for a dynamic and individualized user experience,” said Duda.

The Responder Enterprise Clinical Mobile App is an easy to use app that gives clinicians real-time information wherever they may be working, to ensure quick response to patient needs. It offers intelligent call routing, with fast, direct patient-to-staff and staff-to-staff communications, to ensure the call reaches the correct person immediately. Best-in class data security ensures that only authenticated users are authorized to access sensitive data, providing protection for both clinicians and patients.

Rauland EveryWear is a real-time location system that converges with other technologies to empower clinical teams, apply best practices across multiple facilities and improve quality of care and overall productivity.

For more information on Responder Enterprise Converge and Responder Enterprise, visit the Responder Enterprise solutions page.

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