AMETEK Land has released a fever screening thermal imaging system designed for highly accurate human body temperature measurement, which could play a fundamental role in helping to contain the spread of COVID-19.

The VIRALERT 3 screens visitors at healthcare settings or students and staff in the education setting for elevated temperatures that could indicate fever.  This is an effective solution at entryways into a building or school.  As people approach your facility with a body temperature outside of your desired limits, they could be redirected to security staff, school nurse or other staff member.  

Unlike handheld thermometers which compromise social distancing, the VIRALERT 3 automatic screening system scans from a distance that complies with social distancing. Visual and audible alerts provide the warning you need to keep everyone safe.

VIRALERT is an excellent compliment to your business and will help you safely reopen to staff, students and visitors.   

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