MT PROSPECT, IL December 11 — A true next generation enterprise-wide platform for the Responder® intelligent nurse call solution has been introduced by Rauland, offering a secure, scalable, and highly-available solution that creates optimized clinical workflows and enables hospitals to optimize their patient outcomes.

Improving Care Delivery, Security and Scalability
The company said the market-changing Responder Enterprise introduces new capabilities that bring about the application and standardization of workflows and care models across the healthcare organization. This capability helps produce consistent and repeatable outcomes, while supporting seamless growth and integrations.

The revolutionary Responder Enterprise platform, Rauland said, can dramatically decrease IT costs, while increasing security, availability and the ease of scalability. The platform’s dashboards and reports inventory and display the overall nurse call ecosystem, the measurement of staff engagement and use of the system, as well as the health of the ecosystem itself.

For Clinical Teams
The innovative technology and powerful integrations of Responder Enterprise help organizations enforce and standardize best practices, Rauland said. These optimized practices and procedures can easily be propagated across an entire enterprise – with ample opportunity for departmental customization.

As a result, organization can realize higher patient safety, improved staff satisfaction, and more efficient and timely responses to patient needs.

Highly Usable, Personalized Experience
The Responder Enterprise clinical application creates a more personalized experience for care teams, while delivering real-time information right to their fingertips. The Enterprise templates and workflows allow hospitals to standardize their technology and care models, while minimizing time spent bringing up a new system.

“The Enterprise centralized change management allows modifications to be made quickly and easily,” said Jennifer Holden, vice president for Market and Product Strategy. “In today’s environment, CNE’s are faced with a soon-to-retire workforce and highly competitive employers, so keeping staff satisfied and engaged, while helping them keep the patient front and center to everything they do, is a daily challenge. Innovative technology should do everything to help them manage that situation, not hinder it, and Responder Enterprise accomplishes that.”

Holden added that the platform’s staff and performance dashboards highlight staff usage of the technology, compare and evaluate staff workflows and help drive care plan compliance.

“These workflow dashboards empower hospitals to apply standard best practices across their entire enterprise,” Holden said.

For IT Teams
“CIOs have a completely different, but not competing, set of needs from clinical leaders,” Holden said, “from developing a mobile strategy, to integrating newly acquired hospitals, to securing data and preventing breaches. We purpose-built Responder Enterprise to address these dynamic needs.”

“Clinical and technology services can help optimize the Enterprise-wide solution and accelerate the organization’s time to value,” Holden added. “The architecture and deployment of Responder Enterprise enables a healthcare organization to reduce capital expenses by reducing the required number of servers enterprise-wide. Operational expenses are also reduced, Holden added, “by having fewer servers to manage, update and maintain.

Patient integration and census board data are protected at all times in a secured, encrypted system, while helping to minimize single points of failure and increase system availability, she said. Facilities can easily be added and removed from the enterprise using the Enterprise Configurator.

“The advanced Responder Enterprise platform allows an organization to take full advantage of emerging technologies and the growing capabilities of connected devices, IoT and other smart devices,” Holden said.

Actionable Data to Drive Performance and Standardization
The Responder Enterprise platform presents a warehouse of organizational knowledge and data to support key initiatives, performance improvement plans, and Lean practices.

Measurement and accountability are central to the new platform’s delivery, with smart data that helps to pinpoint critical needs fast, while measuring, refining and monitoring for long-term improvements. Beyond simple data accumulation, Responder Enterprise delivers real-time insights, from monitoring the impacts of procedure changes and piloting new best practices to integrating with other systems.

About Rauland
Rauland, a division of AMETEK, Inc., is a respected global leader in the design and delivery of advanced communications, workflow and life-safety solutions for hospitals worldwide, with installations in more than 6,600 hospitals around the world.

Contact: Mark Baxter, 847-591-7255
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