MT. PROSPECT, IL (August 23, 2017) -- A new communications and productivity solution for skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes has been launched by Rauland, a division of AMETEK, Inc.

This advanced and proven ‘nurse call’ system, Responder 5000, helps facilities and staff keep patients comfortable and safe, while allowing administrators to balance economic priorities with an ability to deliver effective care in a competitive market.  

Already a leader in the acute care market, Rauland has extended its capabilities to this under-served market with an elegant new technology platform.   Once installed at a facility, Responder 5000 can help keep communications and information flowing efficiently, manage workflows and staff more effectively while improving staff retention, and make a positive impact on the life of residents and staff.  

”Rauland is excited to offer a real solution for the nursing homes across North America,” said Jennifer Holden, Vice President-Healthcare Product Strategy.   “These facilities haven’t been given the necessary attention over the years by manufacturers, and that needs to change.  These facilities know all too well about doing more with less.  The Responder 5000 platform is built on the latest and greatest technology and wraps it up in a quick-to-see, easy-to-digest software package that staff will love.  The reporting package on this ranges from auto emails with whichever frequency the facility wants to exception reporting on just those resident calls that went unanswered for too long.” 


Elements of the Responder 5000 solution include audio bathroom stations, resident equipment stations, workflow stations and attractive, programmable corridor lights.  The Responder 5000 mobile app easily downloads to smartphones, allowing staff to make the most effective use of their time, and be in communication with residents while on the move for convenient response and clarification of needs.    

The robust Responder 5000 software application allows facilities to modernize the workplace with an uncomplicated solution for communication needs, including activity boards, messaging app, detailed, simple reporting, and resident management.  Seamless integrations with other systems is possible to deliver optimal value and reduce redundancies, including solutions for wander management

Greater staff satisfaction achieved with the new solution can mean lower turnover and improved continuity for residents, Rauland said.  Reduced noise and reassured residents can translate to a more healing and comfortable environment.        


At one of the initial installations of the R5000 system at Southridge Healthcare in South Dakota, the system is helping track staff presence by role, and delivering far more detailed information on the delivery of daily care.  The 110-bed long-term and rehabilitative care facility is using Responder 5000 for solutions in workflow, communication, safety and call response, Rauland said.    

“We’ve lowered our average response time to 2 ½ minutes at this point,” said Bessie Hammer, RN/Administrator at Southridge Healthcare.  “And, the reporting is much better than what we had previously.   It’s much easier to format, and much easier to read.”

The Responder 5000 reporting can display data and information as charts and graphs, and reports can be scheduled to be emailed at certain times for easy reference and tracking.


In addition to productivity and satisfaction enhancements, the Responder 5000 solution can help nursing facilities guarantee compliance with Medicare VBP programs and improve their interdepartmental communications --  including housekeeping, EVS, and transport.  

Responder 5000 also helps enhance residents’ safety by visually identifying fall risks via multiple displays, 2-way communication from resident's bed and toilet, and by delivering automatic rounding reminders. The system also helps administrators identify over-burdened staff situations for rapid mitigation, and reassure family members about a resident’s safety and security with continuous tracking of location.


Rauland said a core strength of the new technology is its ability to provide local partners within the community for nearby service, support and installation. These exceptional support services, Rauland said, can help optimize the success of the Responder solution as it functions in each customer’s unique environment.

The local Rauland support, delivered through a network of certified systems integrators, offers timely, onsite clinical design, implementation and application services and support, as well as extensive hands-on Responder training that is continually refreshed based on field experience and ongoing R&D enhancements.

About Rauland

Rauland is a respected leader in the design and delivery of critical communications, workflow and life-safety solutions for hospitals and nursing care facilities worldwide.   Responder® communication and workflow solutions help staff deliver the best possible care, with fast, direct patient-to-staff communication, flexible integration, intelligent call routing and real-time reporting.  Responder helps gather data real-time for easier decision-making, optimized workflow and enhanced patient/resident care and satisfaction.  For more information, visit 

Rauland is a division of AMETEK, Inc.  AMETEK is a global leader in electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with colleagues at numerous manufacturing, sales and service locations in the United States and in many other countries around the world.

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