MT. PROSPECT, IL and TRAVERSE CITY, MI (February 8, 2017) – An industry-first bi-directional integration between nurse call and real-time locating systems (RTLS) was announced today by Rauland and Versus Technology.

The new interface between Rauland ResponderAll Touch® and Versus solutions allows hospitals to share data/information between systems for comprehensive intelligence on workflow, healthcare provider status, room condition, and the patient needs. It also builds on Rauland Responder’s open integrations and interoperability strategy in delivering workflow and process solutions across the hospital environment.

The long-standing Rauland and Versus integration automates nurse call responses based on staff presence. This latest interface allows Responder All Touch to receive additional real-time data/information and provides Responder-related events to Versus solutions to help optimize room-based workflows.

Enhance staff and patient safety with All Touch for Wireless Workflow integration
Should nursing staff need help while out of reach of Responder 5 hardware, they can still initiate a staff duress call and summon help to their exact location by simply pressing their Versus RTLS badge button. Receiving alerts from Versus Visibility™ Staff Assist, Responder 5 can then provide a second call annunciation at the point of care and via integrated phone systems to alert key staff to a situation. This feature helps ensure healthcare providers receive the assistance they need while they are focusing on the immediate needs of the patient.

Increase visibility of patient locations and reduce room/bed turnover times
With patient location information from Versus, Responder can initiate corridor lights, whiteboards and calls to show room status. Versus determines room status (available, occupied, in need of cleaning) based on patient badge location, and sends the information to Responder 5 via All Touch to improve bed management and facilitate quicker turnover times.

Improve communication with notification of room-based events
The integration leverages the versatility of the Responder Staff Terminals and All Touch for Bed Management with the Versus RTLS Rules Engine by sending room-based notifications from Responder to Versus to enhance real-time workflow and reporting. It also shares Responder Staff Terminal event information including EVS requests or patient milestones to trigger notifications and workflow rules in a Versus Advantages™ workflow solution. A complete picture including workflow details are available in both Responder and Versus reports.

Responder All Touch software is the first instance of a nurse call system integrating directly to a hospital patient’s electronic medical record (EMR), allowing the systems to share information bidirectionally.

About Rauland Responder
Rauland Responder® critical communication solutions enhance overall communication and workflow within a hospital – patient-to-staff, and staff-to-staff. Responder helps healthcare staff deliver the best possible patient care, with fast, direct communication, flexible integration, intelligent call routing and real-time reporting. Responder helps gather data real-time for easier decision-making, optimizing workflows and enhancing patient care and satisfaction, by utilizing an enhanced open architecture that integrates to a variety of phones, pagers and location systems. For more information, visit, or follow Responder on Twitter. Rauland is a division of AMETEK, Inc.

About Versus Technology, Inc.
Versus Technology, Inc., a Midmark company, provides healthcare facilities with operational and clinical workflow intelligence using real-time locating system (RTLS) technology. Since its inception in 1988, more than 850 hospitals, clinics and senior care facilities have used Versus solutions to support healthcare’s ultimate goals: enhancing the patient experience while providing high-quality care at lower costs. With enterprise solutions for patient trackingworkflow automationstaff safetyhand hygiene and asset tracking, Versus improves patient flow, communication, and productivity to ultimately increase capacity while enhancing patient care. Midmark Corporation acquired Versus Technology, Inc. in May, 2016, creating a unique offering of
clinical workflow solutions that encompass clinical workflow services, RTLS technology, medical equipment, diagnostic devices and design assistance for improved efficiency within healthcare systems. To learn more about Versus, including the technology and client successes, visit