Mt. Prospect, IL (June 3, 2015) – A new staff assignment integration between Rauland Responder® critical communications solution and Hospedia’s Patient Centered Care Platform promises improved patient communication and better overall patient satisfaction, the companies reported today.

The software interface – ResponderSync™ – integrates staff assignment information across multiple hospital systems to improve nursing team workflows, deliver a more complete and timely picture of staff/patient assignments and improve staff/patient communication. The integration with Hospedia’s Patient Centered Care Platform allows the nursing assignment to be made once, and then deliver it automatically at the patient’s bedside, via the Hospedia Bedside Unit, with photos and names of the assigned care providers.

Nursing staff benefit from this interface by keeping their patients advised of who their caregiver is, and the patients benefit by being able to readily identify, recognize and communicate with their caregivers. The patient and family’s ability to know their care team and understand their role makes them more likely to ask questions and become more actively involved in the care process, resulting in better patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs for both patients and the provider.

“We are excited to be able to announce the integration of Rauland Responder and our Hospedia Patient Centered Care Platform,” said Ben Packman, Hospedia’s Strategic Development Director. “This feature strengthens the Platform’s Patient Engagement proposition, which includes patient education as a corner stone. Through a single button selection on their bedside device, patients can now determine who their care team is by name, role and on-duty status. This empowers patients by providing them the reassurance of knowing who is looking after them, which translates into improved patient satisfaction.”

“ResponderSync revolutionizes the way nurses work and the way nursing teams work together,” said Maureen Pajerski, Rauland’s EVP and CMO. “The patient care environment relies on staff assignments; ResponderSync can maximize the time and skills of the nursing teams on-duty and make the most of electronic medical records by sharing information between systems. Responder does this by helping to manage nurses’ time, balance workloads and allow for adjustable shifts.”

In helping to avoid ‘sign-on fatigue’, the integration can also improve staff compliance and patient care, and help ensure proper oversight and accountability of needed historical records. Updates to the staffing and patient assignments made in one system will stay in sync on the other system as changes are made.

Under current practice, there is a proliferation of overlapping and duplicate systems. Nursing staff must take the time, and remember, to sign-on and sign-off independently to each system being used. Changes to assignments must be updated independently on each system, as they happen. Now, one sign-on via ResponderSync gives access to each of these multiple systems, removing the silos between them and sharing information in a timely way.

About Hospedia
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