First Instance of Bi-Directional Information Sharing Between an EMR and Nurse Call System Launched by Rauland-Borg

    Posted by Mark Baxter on Nov 16, 2016 10:21:05 AM

    Interoperability allows EMR and nurse call system to work together

    MT. PROSPECT, IL (February 4) – A new software interface launched today by the Rauland Responder® critical communications solution is the first instance of a nurse call system integrating directly to a hospital patient’s electronic medical record, providing the ability for the systems to share information bi-directionally.

    Under current practice, patient information must be charted manually – sometimes on a paper log, sometimes into the electronic record, and often only as the caregiver has time. That can result in delays in all caregivers having access to the most current patient data and status. Now, the new integration can share that information bidirectionally and automatically in a timely way.

    The solution, Responder All Touch™, manages documentation of routine nursing activity by automating the routine charting of patient interactions – streamlining clinical workflow with timely data input and helping to reduce errors and delays in charting patient information.

    Using Responder All Touch, nursing workflows and associated patient information is charted from the Responder touch-screen terminal in the patient room directly to that patient’s electronic medical record with the touch of a button.

    Rather than going to the EMR to look for changes in patient information, Responder 5 can proactively notify providers of key indicators when they are updated in a patient chart. An update entered to the EMR is logged directly to the Responder system, and can be communicated visually at the corridor light outside the patient’s room and on whiteboard monitors by displaying colored swoops next to the patient name in the census view.

    This new data sharing workflow builds on the interoperability solutions of Rauland Responder in delivering workflow and process solutions across a hospital for critical healthcare communications. Responder is installed in more than one million acute care beds in 40 countries, helping hospitals and staff improve workflow, drive patient satisfaction and automate communications.

    Responder All Touch revolutionizes the way nurses work and the way nursing teams work together. “Patient care is driven by what is recorded in the EMR,” according to Maureen Pajerski, Rauland’s EVP and CMO, “and All Touch is at the heart of patient-centered care. It maximizes the time and skills of the nursing teams on duty by integrating nursing activity directly with the electronic records.”

    “This new solution can help improve staff compliance, enhance patient safety and help ensure proper oversight and accountability of needed historical records,” she added. “Clinicians base their plan of care against what is charted in the patient’s record. Using All Touch, that patient data is always being updated – automatically, directly and bi-directionally – between the nurse call and the EMR.” 

    Rauland Responder®
    Rauland Responder critical communication solutions enhance overall communication and workflow within a hospital – patient-to-staff, and staff-to-staff. Responder helps staff deliver the best possible patient care, with fast, direct communication, flexible integration, intelligent call routing and real-time reporting. Responder helps gather data real-time for easier decision-making, optimized workflow and enhanced patient care and satisfaction, with an enhanced open architecture that integrates to a variety of wireless phones, pagers and location systems.

    Rauland-Borg is a respected leader in the design and delivery of critical communications, workflow and life-safety solutions for hospitals and education worldwide. Local service, training and support is delivered through an international network of certified distributors.


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