Experts in Emergency Management Now Offer Communications for Acute Care Environment

MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill. (9/15/2021) – Rauland is now offering its Telecenter U® network-based building communications system for the acute care environment. Telecenter U combines with the existing Rauland Responder 5 nurse call system to provide an end-to-end solution for all messaging needs, integrating traditional paging and intercom functions with necessary and required critical communications functions.

“Telecenter U has previously been used in schools to streamline district-wide communications and run multiple alert and announcement schedules,” said Stacie Dinse, director of marketing for Rauland. “We have taken our expertise in paging and emergency management and applied it to the acute care hospital environment, so that, when merged with Responder 5, we provide health care systems a powerful tool for managing communications on any scale.”

Telecenter U blends the everyday and critical messaging required by today’s health care facilities, providing:

  • Routine Announcements – Telecenter U makes it easy to schedule prerecorded voice and visual messages for specific locations, from reminding visitors to wear masks and reiterating visiting hours to playing a lullaby for every birth. It also allows for live, on-the-fly paging to a specific area or the entire building or campus, including text to speech notifications.
  • Patient-related Emergency Calls – The system works with Responder 5 to provide integrated secondary “code blue” paging and announcements to ensure clinical staff know where they are needed.
  • Building-Level Emergency Messaging – For campus or building-wide threats, such as an active shooter or weather emergency, Telecenter U initiates a sequence of events that can be initiated manually or automatically – by phone, dedicated console, mobile app, web page or dedicated panic button. Sequences can consist of audio messages or tones, visual messages to message boards, emails and interfaces to other systems.

“Telecenter U includes best-in-class emergency communications that make it easy to identify situations, initiate announcements and provide directions in any crisis situation,” said Dinse.

Telecenter U also offers visual mapping, for a real-time visual of the entire campus and floor plan of the hospital. Authorized users can instantly visualize the locations of calls without having location announced via public address, and security can identify active emergencies from a web browser.

Telecenter U is designed to interface with the Responder 5 nurse call system, and also connects to door and fire alarm systems for full integration within the acute care environment.

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