Advanced Communications System Mapping Feature Allows Administrators to Manage Facility Operations and Respond to Emergencies

Telecenter U®, an advanced school communications system from Rauland, now features district and school mapping that allows administrators to instantly view the current status of an entire school district, as well as individual schools and classrooms, on an interactive graphic map. During emergencies, administrators can instantly view rooms that are marked safe and spot those that need assistance for a quick and appropriate response.

The new mapping feature uses a familiar digital map interface, providing a high-level view of the school district with each school represented by a marker. The school-level map includes a floor plan, so administrators see the status of each room or zone individually. Clicking on a classroom or zone gives information including the room name, extension number, device IT information, workflow status like cleaning, “in testing” and active calls to the front office or the nurse.

Importantly, the map will highlight classroom emergency calls, outlining areas of danger and changing the color of affected rooms or zones to red. This will enable administrators and first responders to instantly see which areas are affected to focus response efforts in the right part of the building.

“Telecenter U serves as a critical communication and facility management system for schools across the country,” said George Lind, Vice President of Education Sales and Marketing North America for Rauland. “By adding a visual map to Telecenter U’s existing infrastructure, administrators can actively engage with the day-to-day operations of their school district at a macro level, while drilling down on the individual facility and safety needs of each individual school and classroom.”

Originally developed as a sequenced communications system for emergency response, Telecenter U has evolved as an integrated solution for decision makers within the education market, able to provide automated audio and visual notification to page and alert staff, provide two -way communication to classrooms and interface to other security systems. The network-based system maintains a detailed log of event history to provide insights and identify trends regarding facility usage, cleanliness and maintenance over a period of time.

Recently, Telecenter U was updated with features designed to help schools operate within CDC guidelines during COVID-19, including body temperature sensing cameras for building entryways and custom cleaning buttons that track the cleanliness of the entire facility. For more information on Telecenter U, visit

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