Long-Term Partnership
Long-Term Partnership

    Customers can expect a methodical process that includes full project scoping, clinical and technical discovery, individual solution design, and development of an implementation plan. Coupled with post-deployment service and consulting, Rauland Responder Design & Implementation Services help customers achieve goals now and sustain improvement over time.

    Strategic Implementation Lifecycle

    Years of clinical and IT experience have influenced our Strategic Implementation Lifecycle, a proven Design and Deploy-phased approach that delivers results.

    As partners, our focus throughout the solution design and implementation process is to:

    • Define the ideal user experience with your solution, applying systemic design thinking to the overall product & service experience
    • Determine the business capabilities need to support solution delivery including process, personnel, technology and partners
    • Identify how to best measure the business impact of your Enterprise solution to key stakeholders and document the results
    • Deliver a solution design that can adapt across the implementation timeline with a focus on continuous improvement in response to the organization’s metrics and technology decisions
    • Drive adoption of full solution functionality through the development of standard education plan and e-learning that supports all users over time
    • Guide staff to leverage data for solution-oriented conversations and timely care plan adjustments

    Phases and Process Groups

    Phases and Process Groups


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