The Rauland Difference

Construction Projects and Hardware Implementation Expertise

Whether new construction, renovation, or expansion into an existing space or building, our Project Managers, Engineers, and Installation Technicians have years of experience in the design, planning and implementation of nurse call and other clinical technologies.

Planning - Sites Surveys and Engineering Solutions

Our Rauland Systems Integrators provide a range of products & services including:
  • Nurse Call Systems & Critical Communication Solutions
  • Establishing standards for room hardware, nurse stations, staff lounges, ancillary departments based on scope and architecture
  • Assessment of integrated clinical technologies, new & existing Enterprise Network Architecture
  • Voice (VOIP considerations)
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Telephony/Mobility
  • Real Time Location Services
  • Security Systems Camera and card reader placement standards
  • Audio/Visual Systems
  • Patient Education/Entertainment Systems
During the planning phase, the Customer and/or General Contractors provides:
  • Coordination of facility walk-through with facility planning teams
  • Construction drawings of the existing space, detailed floor plans (CAD)
  • Specifications for new construction
  • Final signage/wayfinding
  • Network Connectivity

Planning - Design and Construction Documents

Our Rauland Systems Integrators provide a range of services including:
  • Submittals for new construction
  • SOW and Engineered drawings of the integrated nurse call solution
  • Permits, Bonds, Insurance (if required)
  • Code Compliance, Regulatory Approvals
  • All Rauland nurse call components, as well as the system as a whole, shall meet the standards issued by the EIA and the ADA; shall comply with local, county and state codes; shall conform to the current NFPA Standards; and shall be listed as a total system by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL).
The Customer or a 3rd party is often responsible for:
  • Core drilling, channeling of walls, patching, roof penetrations, fire prevention measures (fireproof, fire caulk, fire protecting backplanes/boards, etc.), painting, TV patch cables, TV control faceplates, etc. as determined by scope
  • Spaces per ANSI/TIA/EIA-569-A Standards. These pathways and spaces may include, but are not limited to: cable trays, conduit, sleeves, slots, duct banks, manholes, maintenance holes, pull boxes, pull strings, junction boxes, back boxes, inner-duct and back boards.
  • All required AC power including any emergency power to all locations required for the operation of the systems

Planning - Dedicated Project Management

Our Rauland Systems Integrators professional Project Mangers work with the Customer and/or General Contractor to:
  • Establish Charter, Project Plan & Timeline/Schedule
  • Determine Governance, Roles & Responsibilities, and the Communication Plan
  • Onsite Project & Resource management
  • Lead Technical teams onsite
  • IT & Clinical Application Leads conducting design sessions
  • Considerations for occupied spaces
  • Delivery, storage, staging of equipment
  • Project close out
  • As-builts (including Network Diagram), O&M, Certification, Warranty, Service Handoff


  • After orientation, our Rauland Systems Integrators will be on-site to ensure that what is being constructed is what we designed in coordination with the Customer (PM) or 3rd party General Contractor
  • Weekly, bi-weekly progress meetings with key stakeholders
  • Depending on scope, the Rauland Systems Integrator will coordinate with the Electrical Contractor who will install raceways, cable, conduit and electrical boxes for the appropriate device locations
  • This could include patient room lighting control relay for integration to room lighting/shade controls, etc.
  • Rauland Systems Integrator will install the nurse call and associated hardware including configuration and testing
  • Data center software implementation and 3rd party integration testing
  • Clinical design work sessions
  • Once equipment is installed and operating according to manufacturer’s specifications, the Rauland Systems Integrator provides an installation and acceptance form as verification
  • Product and Service warranty period typically begins at final inspection or first substantial use of equipment whichever occurs first