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Healthcare facilities around the world are always looking for how to improve patient satisfaction and care. Improving patient satisfaction in healthcare, very simply, starts with attentive, responsive care. Meaningful connections are essential to increasing patient satisfaction. Put control in your patients’ hands for a faster, more effective response to their needs with Responder® Enterprise.

Provide Direct Communication for Patients, Their Families and Staff

Family can play an important role in the healing process. Allow families to make direct requests from specific staff members and ensure optimal patient satisfaction and privacy. Direct communication minimizes unnecessary steps in meeting a patient's needs.

Benefits of leading nurse call technology

Control Patient Pain and Improve Patient Satisfaction in Hospitals

Automatic rounding reminders ensure pain is evaluated at regular intervals. Integrating the nurse call system to an EMR shares vital patient information across systems, reducing the chances for error, automating charting and keeping the focus on patient satisfaction and care.

Reduce Noise To Prevent Nurse Burnout

Private, direct communication and device notifications eliminate overhead paging, and reduce noise and alarms to create a more healing environment that improves patient satisfaction in healthcare. Visual notifications minimize the number of calls and audible alerts sent to the caregiver, minimizing distractions that are competing for the nurse’s attention.

Create a More Healing Environment with a Goal of Patient Satisfaction

The importance of patient satisfaction in healthcare can't be understated. Responder® Enterprise makes patient satisfaction and care more than a number, leaving patients more comfortable and reassured that their needs are being addressed.

Focus on Accurately Measuring Patient Satisfaction and Care

Responder Enterprise solutions report on activities and processes to confirm any potential impact on patient satisfaction, experience and care. And current patient information is always readily visible with our innovative digital whiteboards.

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