Emergency Response

Your School Crisis Plan, Automated.

Smart Response

Immediate and clear communication to both staff and students during an emergency is the most important action a school can take when faced with any type of emergency. An automated crisis plan prevents missteps and ensures a quick and dependable method for executing emergency response.

Telecenter U® provides schools with an easy to implement and proactive approach to crisis scenarios. The advanced system offers powerful tools with automated emergency response for any and every emergency you plan and practice. Telecenter U communicates information immediately and reliably whether it's a lockdown, weather-related emergency, medical issue or any urgent situation.

Lockdown, Lockout, Evacuationschool emergency response sync

As many as 20 user-customizable emergencies can be initiated from a phone, mobile app, web browser or panic button. Individuals schools or an entire district can be targeted simultaneously, ensuring that each facility receives its immediate, predetermined emergency response.

Powerful Toolsschool emergency response tools

Telecenter U offers powerful audio and visual tools to manage and respond to emergency scenarios:
  • In-Classroom Kiosks — Telecenter U wall-mounted touch screens for classrooms and offices give teachers and staff unprecedented emergency response through an app-like user interface. During emergencies, the kiosks display emergency screens with audio and visual prompts, location-based instructions and buttons to check in and notify that the classroom is secure or to call for help.
  • Emergency Mobile App — The Telecenter U Emergency mobile app gives school faculty the ability to quickly initiate an emergency from their mobile device. The app also allows a real-time view of which classrooms are checked in as safe.
  • Telecenter U Mapping — With Telecenter U Mapping, school administrators can see the real-time status of classrooms, common areas, gyms, and more, to quickly view areas affected for a quick and appropriate response.

Every Minute Counts: Quick Response During Emergenciesschool emergency response time

As statistics illustrate, every second counts in an emergency. Telecenter U focuses on immediate in-building emergency communications — both audible and visual — integrating your day-to-day communication platform with your emergency notification platform so that everyone is familiar with it and knows how to act in all stages of a crisis.

Before First Responders Arrive school emergency response alert

Empower occupants to notify an entire building or campus with a single action via Telecenter U, starting emergency automated communications via:
  • Mobile App on designated users’ smart phones
  • Front office consoles, phones and panic buttons
  • Classroom phones, call switches or touchscreen kiosks
  • Web User Interface and Consoles let administrators initiate multi-school and district emergencies simultaneously

Fast, Simple and Clear Action school emergency response strategy

With Telecenter U, school administrators can create customized responses that are immediately relayed via phone, browser or panic button depending on the nature of the scenario. Users can create multiple emergency responses, for lockdown, lockout, evacuation, and weather emergencies — anything administrators have created crisis plans for — with audible and visual facility-wide response including:
  • Specific audio tones to identify emergency versus everyday communications.
  • Customizable pre-recorded messages to give specific instructions, emergency tones, visual messaging or emails with a single touch, each of which can be tailored for specific scenarios.
  • Message boards in classrooms and common areas with detailed information
  • Interactive map to easily view which classrooms and schools require assistance

Timely, Synchronized Updates Across a School or District school emergency response network

  • On-the-fly live paging allows you to update occupants with the latest information
  • Emergency check-in buttons in classrooms let web and app users know who has checked in safe — and who hasn’t. Track which classrooms are checked in safe and which aren’t during emergencies.
  • Status lights turned on when first responders arrive inform them which classrooms need immediate attention
  • Two-way hands-free communication into every classroom lets administrators and first responders listen in to classrooms and communicate with occupants easily