School Announcement Systems

Smart Days

Communications for Every Day

Having effective and accessible school communication systems in place makes the everyday operations of a school district, campus or building run like clockwork. Check out how Telecenter U® makes everyday communication easy.

Every Day Now Runs Smoothly

Morning announcements and after-hours messaging can be managed on the fly or pre-recorded.

Fully Integrated System Links Schools & Districts

Multi-school campuses and schedules can be managed with ease using integrated school communication systems.

Simple, Targeted Communications

Telecenter U school announcement systems use call buttons to allow teachers to get assistance without disturbing teaching. Internal communications are routed directly to the people who need to hear them.

Continue Learning About Telecenter U® School Communication Systems

Telecenter U can help school districts in a vast amount of ways, from implementing proactive emergency procedures to keeping schedules running smoothly on days with special events or delays due to weather. Check out TCU in the news or view any of our other resources below to find the right school announcement systems for your facilities.