Telecenter U Kiosk

In-Room Audio Control and Emergency Response Touch Screen

Intuitive Innovation for Schools

A new addition to the Telecenter U solution, Telecenter® U Kiosk is a first-of-its-kind, easy-to-use touch screen device to improve the way teachers and staff interact, communicate and receive information about emergencies. These wall-mounted app-like user interfaces are permanent fixtures for classrooms and offices and give teachers and staff unparalleled management of workflows, and emergency response tools through audio and visual communications.

school communication systems

Staff Authorized for Daily Communications

With special PIN codes, authorized staff can request assistance, initiate workflows, or start emergency procedures from any kiosk in the building.

Advanced Audio Control

Teachers and staff can temporarily mute and control audio to silence bell schedules or use two-way audio between kiosks for fast and easy communication. The kiosk uses "widgets" for tasks, including control of audio settings and playing music in the classroom.

Improved Workflow Management

School staff can request assistance directly to IT, custodians, school nurses or other personnel, kicking off workflows immediately.

emergency notification system for schools

Efficient Emergency Response

During an emergency, teachers and staff receive visual instructions, so everyone knows how to respond. Kiosks display emergency screens with visual prompts, location-based instructions and buttons to check in and notify that the classroom is secure or to call for help.

Telecenter U makes it easier for schools to operate in today’s challenging environment, helping keep school districts, schools and classrooms safe and healthy. By integrating the power of Telecenter U’s infrastructure with a highly visual depiction, administrators are better equipped to engage with and react to the needs of schools within their districts.