Responder Enterprise

Similar challenges, similar goals, unique solutions

Rauland partners with your IT and Clinical staff—beyond implementation and training—to achieve key goals:

  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Improve quality and outcomes
  • Increase patient and staff satisfaction

Support for customization

We map your organizational challenges with specific people, processes, and technology across the organization, individual facilities, and service lines to develop a scalable solution tailored to your unique needs.

Support for change management

We help you identify repeatable successes and determine how to standardize them as best practices across the Enterprise.

Team support to optimize nurse call technology

Support to translate data into action

Responder Enterprise Dashboards and Reports deliver real time views that can help you:

  • Compare and evaluate workflows, drive care plan compliance and best practices
  • Use proactive trending and analysis to address issues before they escalate
  • Identify new Clinical initiatives
  • Support Lean practices, help improve patient outcomes

Support for technology integrations

We help you maximize the value of our open integrations and application programming interfaces (APIs) in tailoring the Enterprise solution to your organization.

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Responder connects every touchpoint of care throughout your facility. Use these resources to learn more.

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