Hospital Workflow
Responder Enterprise

    Simple and Effective

    Streamlining coordination across all departments can improve flow and results for everyone.   Caregivers respond best to critical needs with alerts, direct communications and immediate documentation that make them more responsive with care, directed to staff most suited to the patient need.  Measurable results can display reporting that is easy to understand, act upon, and customize.

    Across the Hospital

    The Responder® Enterprise intelligent nurse call system easily and quickly connects caregivers directly to ancillary departments with the touch of a button.  Standardize workflows across the hospital, even through entire Integrated Delivery Networks, to ensure that your organization has flexibility to grow while still establishing a higher level of patient care and increased patient satisfaction.

    Patients and staff alike can benefit from improved transparency and flexibility for staff optimization, satisfaction status, data, cross matrixing, varying reimbursement levels, and more.

    Sending specific requests directly to others allows the caregiver to keep their focus on the patient -- saving time and energy and increasing satisfaction.

    Operating Suite

    Easily determine return on investment when streamlining communication in the surgical department. Customized workflows allow communication between ORs, notify PACU of a closing case, contact anesthesia when a patient is brought back to an OR, notify team members of a critical situation, and call for additional equipment from central supply.


    Responder Enterprise connects to wireless devices to allow patients to connect immediately with their assigned caregivers. Now, units can reduce response times, increase patient satisfaction, and allow caregivers to answer patient needs with increased efficiency.

    Emergency Department

    Responder Enterprise helps save Emergency Department staff precious time on repetitive actions – to initiate orders for lab draw, x-ray, EKG, admissions, discharges, call transport for a wheelchair, EVS for room cleaning needs and more. 


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