Everyone Connected Everywhere, Always

Responder® Enterprise

Keeping Everyone Connected Everywhere, Always

Responder Enterprise was built to continually evolve with technology and provide ways for teams to connect organically within their daily workflow to improve communication, efficiency, and of course, patient care. The most recent add-on tools from Rauland help move the digital transformation forward by keeping the entire staff connected and engaged.

Responder Enterprise Converge™

Rauland Enterprise Converge is a new approach that brings a digital control center into the patient room to manage care and oversee staff and patient activities across the entire floor or facility.

  • Execution of multiple functions from one location to manage patient care, improve team communications and optimize clinician activities
  • Ability to see status and next steps for all patients across the unit from any patient room
  • Instant initiation of patient processes or communications with other clinicians and teams
  • A bold, bright and energetic touchscreen inspired by today’s mobile app experience for staff comfort and adoption
  • Integration with real-time location system can provide instant sight lines into locations of staff and customize information for the user

Responder Enterprise Clinical Mobile App

The Responder Enterprise Clinical Mobile provides nurse call from the palm of your hand.

  • Easy to use app that gives clinicians real-time information wherever they may be working, to ensure quick response to patient needs
  • Intelligent call routing, with fast, direct patient-to-staff and staff-to-staff communication, to ensure the call reaches the correct person right away
  • Best-in class data security to ensure that only authenticated users are authorized to access sensitive data, providing protection for both clinicians and patients
  • Designed for iOS or Android devices

Rauland EveryWear™

Rauland EveryWear is a real-time wearable location system that converges with other technologies to empower clinical teams, apply best practices across multiple facilities, and improve quality of care and overall productivity.

  • Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless technology provides bed-level accuracy to assure time spent with your patient is recorded accurately
  • Gives teams highly specific information, including locations of all clinicians at any given time
  • Provides greater visibility into performance and staffing to help improve workflows and efficiency
Responder Enterprise is secure, scalable, and highly available application that provides multi-facility support, reduces capital and operational expenses, and supports the creation and optimization of standardized clinical workflows.

Responder Enterprise technology has data security built-in from the ground up. Customers can depend on Rauland’s commitment to helping them maintain their IT security infrastructure while giving them flexibility to adapt technologies to future needs.