Emergency Paging

Bring Telecenter U Building Paging System into Your Hospital

Rauland Telecenter U® is a network-based building communications system for the acute care environment. It has been designed to work in tandem with Rauland’s Responder® 5 nurse call system, combining traditional paging and intercom functions with a toolbox of features to handle critical situations. Combining these two systems gives staff a powerful communications tool to deliver the best possible patient care.

Communicate with Ease

Telecenter U controls both everyday and critical messaging required in today’s healthcare facilities, including routine announcements, patient-related emergency calls and building-wide emergency notices. Scheduling prerecorded voice and visual messages throughout the building or on-the-fly text-to-speech announcements is made easy and accessible through a web browser.

Manage Emergency Situations

For campus or building-wide threats, such as an active shooter or weather emergency, Telecenter U initiates a sequence of events that can be initiated manually or automatically – by phone, dedicated console, mobile app, web page or dedicated panic button. Sequences can consist of audio messages or tones, visual messages to message boards, emails and interfaces to other systems.

See Activity with Virtual Mapping

Telecenter U uses a map interface to give staff a real-time visual depiction of the entire campus or hospital floor plan, instantly showing the locations of calls without announcing it via public address. Authorized users can see where emergencies are occurring and direct responses accordingly.

Telecenter U includes best-in-class emergency communications that make it easy to identify situations, initiate announcements and provide directions in any crisis situation.